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When you go to buy new trees for University Park property, you are likely to encounter an overwhelming amount of options. Not only are there a ton of different species of trees, but there are only three common ways to buy them: bare root, containerized, and rootball. Here is a brief breakdown of each type to help clear the air.

The Bare Root Trees

Bare root trees are great if you plan on buying many trees because they are much cheaper than the other two options. It also will make them much easier to handle, since all you will have to do is make the right size hole and cover it up well with soil and mulch. Another benefit is the fact that you can better determine how healthy the tree is before you buy it.

However, bare root trees will need to be planted immediately so that the roots do not get dried out. They might take a little more time to get fully established because the shock of getting transplanted will be much greater.

Container-Based Trees

The great thing about container trees is that you do not have to plant the immediately if you are not totally ready, which is great if you buy the trees to replace the one you may have had removed by a tree services company. It will also get established more quickly than the bare root trees.

But, these kinds of trees are more expensive, and the soil that it came in may contain pest or disease, which you might end up introducing these things into the rest of your University Park, Tx property. This will mean you will have to do additional treatment for the trees and possibly have to call a tree services company to remove any diseased tree limbs or branches.

Rootballed Trees

The last option that you can consider when it comes to buying your trees is to go with rootballed trees. These trees began growing in the ground before they were carefully removed with some soil and wrapped in hessian and wire into the shape of a ball. Rootballing is done for trees that grow to be very big, as it helps them transplant more easily, with fewer problems. Luckily, the wrapping on the rootball does not have to be removed, but you may want to loosen it a bit to ensure that it does not cut into the tree as it grows bigger. It is another option to help fill any holes left by the tree services company, as the tree will establish itself quickly.

Hopefully, this has helped to clarify the difference between the different ways you can buy trees in University Park, Tx. Knowing all of this will make your buying process a lot easier and help to ensure that you know what to do with your new trees so that they can make it into the ground and become healthy and strong. Our University Park Tree Services can also assist you in tending and managing the trees on your property. 

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