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When it comes to planting new trees in your Trophy Club, Tx property, there is one major factor that people do not always remember to keep in mind: placement. Where you plant your tree is extremely important, as it can cause problems if it is in the wrong area. So here 5 things to consider when it comes to choosing your tree placement.

How tall will the tree be?

Height is a major factor because some trees you may plant in Trophy Club, Tx can get very big. The Shumard Red Oak, for example, can grow to be up to 120 feet tall. So, think about how tall your trees will get, and make sure they are not too close to your home or and power lines, so nothing is at risk for getting damaged.

How wide will the tree be?

If your tree is going to have a wide-spreading canopy, then you want to be sure it will have the necessary space to spread out, without interfering with any other plants, your home, or power lines. With wide canopies, you may also want to consider having tree services from Trophy Club, Tx come and trim your tree to ensure it does not get too out-of-hand.

What kind of tree is it?

By this, you need to consider if the tree is a deciduous tree, which will loose its leaves during fall and winter, or coniferous which will not. You may want to keep trees like this in your backyard, where you can easily rake them up without worrying about them getting all over your neighbor’s yard. You also want to keep them away from your home so they do not clog up your drain spout.

These are 5 things to consider before putting new trees in the ground. Your tree services company may be able to help you to decide the best placement for your new trees, to ensure they grow problem-free.


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