Trees are a part of what makes nature so beautiful, so why not have some beautiful trees in your yard as well? They may not always be cheap, especially depending on the size and type of tree, but they are definitely worth the cost. Here are just a few reasons you should be considering planting trees with the help of a tree planting service.

Trees Can Clean the Air

If it was not for trees, we would not have the clean oxygen that helps us survive. In fact, some studies published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine have found that those who live in areas with fewer trees experience more health problems, particularly those that relate to respiratory issues. By adding more trees to your property, you will have cleaner air and feel a lot healthier. Certain trees may even help those who suffer from severe allergies.

Up the Value of Your Property (or Get More Customers)

People love when houses look nice inside and out and trees play a big role in the overall picture. Homes that have trees on the property are likely to sell for anywhere between 7 to 25 percent more than homes without trees. Similarly, businesses with green spaces that included trees see a lot more business than those without green spaces. The professional arborists from your local tree planting service can even help you decide which trees would be more beneficial for you property and needs.

People always take refuge from the summer heat under trees. They provide lots of shade, making the area under their canopies cooler and more bearable. This same concept can be applied to your home; having the tree planting service plant trees in specific areas can help reduce the amount of heat your home receives during the summer. Meaning, you will be able to spend much less on those AC bills, which leaves extra money for summertime fun.

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Tree planting

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