Trees, like so many living things, can get thirsty too. When they go too long without water, signs of the need for a drink will begin to show. Here are some of the signs to look for to know if your tree is thirsty (Thirsty Trees Syndrome) or not, as well as a few tips to keep them well hydrated year-round. 

Deciduous trees are known for dropping their leaves in the winter, before growing new ones in the spring. If the leaves are beginning to look dull or limp, then it is a warning that the tree needs water. Severe dehydration can be noted by browning leaves that are wilting or leaves that look burned. Other signs may be smaller-than-average leaves that begin dropping prematurely.

How Trees may Signal their thirst.

Conifer trees—trees with pine needles instead of leaves—such as the Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir may turn any number of colors, any color from brown to purple, from thirst.

Any company offering tree services in Dallas will tell you that young, recently planted trees suffer more when they are not watered. But, even mature trees with well-developed root systems can be harmed by drought-like conditions. This leaves them open to both insects and diseases, which can cause tree services in Dallas to have to remove them entirely, depending on the severity.

Importance of Well-watered Trees

This is why it is so important to keep your trees well-watered, especially during times where the temperatures are much higher. Trees need a lot of water in order to prevent thirsty trees syndrome and to stay healthy and one way to ensure they get enough is through deep watering. To do this, you want to slowly saturate the soil circling the tree using a drip line. For conifer trees, you want the circle of soil to stretch a few feet out.

You should also consider putting mulch around the tree as a way of keeping the soil moist longer during warmer months. Mulch will also help keep weeds at bay, making cleaning up your yard an easier process.

Find a professional arborist

If you are not sure about doing all of this yourself, then you can always find tree services in Dallas. These companies have teams of knowledgeable professionals who will be able to help set up your trees to ensure they stay well-hydrated. They can also show you how much to water your trees and how to not overwater them.

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is important to take good care of the trees that line your property. They not only add curb appeal, but they also provide shade, make the cleaner air, and generally improve the quality of life.

 Knowing what to look for in a thirsty trees can help you better care for them and keep them strong and healthy. So, pay attention to your trees and stay alert for any signs of thirst and dehydration. The sooner you are able to catch and stop trees from being thirsty, the better, as those trees will recover quicker and remain healthy and strong.