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When you have a big property in Southlake, Tx, you may not be sure what to do with it all. Sure, you can plant pretty flowers and do some landscaping but, you still have more to fill. So, why not consider growing your own fruit trees? Not only will they look great and make excellent use of your property, but they will give you something sweet and tasty as well

If You Love Apples

There are a tree different types of apple trees that can do very well in your Southlake, Tx property. These include Red and Yellow Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. Unfortunately, none of these trees are very drought tolerant, so you will have to water them regularly. You should be sure to call a professional tree services company to come prune your apple trees when they are dormant, which can happen anywhere between late winter or early spring.

If You Prefer Figs

Figs are another popular plant and there are two that do well in the Texas weather. First is a Celeste fig tree, which will produce very high-quality figs that are violet or purple-brown in color with white flesh. Another option is the Texas Everbearing, whose figs will be more brownish-yellow with flesh that is amber colored. The Celeste variety should be planted somewhere where it will be protected from too much afternoon sun. 

Peaches, anyone?

There are a ton of peach trees that you can plant on your property, and our Southlake Tx tree services can help you understand the best approach. The Belle of Georgia and the Florida King are two peach trees that require a little more care than others. The Elberta tree is popular in North Texas, and create sweet peaches for canning and eating. Lastly, there is the Sam Huston peach tree, which was developed by Texas A&M. It has beautiful flowers and sweet, juicy fruit. Like with any tree, be sure to keep up with pruning, which you can call a tree services company to handle for you.

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Prevent accidents, prune trees on your property regularly.
A strong enough breeze can cause a weak branch to snap and fall onto the ground