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You have heard a lot about how organic mulch can really benefit your Midlothian, Tx soil. But, you might not have heard anything very specific. What exactly is it that makes organic mulch so much better than other options? Here are some reasons to consider going organic with your mulch, which your local tree services company will likely be happy to confirm if you ask.

Say Goodbye to Weeds

By using organic mulch, you are putting a protective shield on your soil, which will prevent many different types of weeds  from germinating and growing around your trees and gardens. Even if these weeds do grow, having the organic mulch will make them much easier to pull out of the ground entirely.

Improve Your Soil Health

Compared to other mulches, organic mulch has so many health benefits for your soil, which will transfer to your trees and plants and is very important when you live in Midlothian, Tx. Part of this is because the organic much will begin to decompose and release nutrients slowly throughout the season. But it also encourages the earthworms that live in the soil to move around more, which helps create even healthier soil.

Water Your Trees Less

Organic mulch will help to keep your soil cool and moist, even in the Midlothian, Tx heat. Because of this, you will not have to worry about watering your trees as much. It will also help to filter rainwater and other water sources more slowly so that your trees and plants do not end up getting overwatered if there is a storm.

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