Lancaster Tx Tree Removal

Buying trees for your Lancaster, Tx yard is just one step to make it more inviting. Of course, after buying the new trees, you need to get them in the ground. While there are some companies with tree services that can do this task for you, it is not hard to do it yourself. Here is everything you have to do to get those new trees planted.

Treat the Tree With Care

Your tree has very little protection when it is not in the ground, so it is important to treat it with a lot of care whenever you move it from place-to-place. You should also make sure to keep the roots moist so that the tree does not dry out and possibly die. Your regular tree services company will have a number of tips online to help yo tend to the new tree before and after it had been planted.

Digging the Hole

When it comes to digging the hole to put the new tree in, you want to be sure that you make it between two or three times the size of the root ball. This is because as the tree settles into the ground and begins to grow, the roots will spread out. The depth depends on what your soil situation is like; if the conditions are normal, then the depth of the hole should keep the tree level with other plants in your yard. If the soil is not normal, which may be the cause on your Lancaster, Tx property, then you should make the hole a little deeper to ensure the tree’s stability once planted.

Cover the Root Ball

Because Lancaster, Tx, like most of the state, suffers from a very clay-like soil, topping the hole off with the native soil is not a good idea. If that is the case, then be sure to buy a quality organic  soil to cover your newest addition and tamp it down gently to make sure it settles properly. This will provide the new tree with necessary nutrients to help it to grow strong and healthy.

These are just four things to know when it comes to planting a new tree in your Lancaster, Tx property. You want to sure you water it the right amount, which can vary depending on the type of tree it is. Once it has settled, feel free to have tree services come and prune any branches that might not look too good.

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