Irving Tx Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree grows in such a way that it needs a little help to stay upright and in the ground. This is where the idea of tree cabling and bracing comes in. It is a great way to save a tree and also keep it from falling over and hurting someone. Here is what you should know before getting cabling and bracing done in Irving, Tx.

A Brief Overview

Cabling and bracing is a multi-step process carried out by tree services to help keep trees grounded. It first involves pruning the tree to remove some of the weight that could cause it to tip over, before the installation of cables and bracing rods is done. Cabling and bracing of trees need to be handled by a professional in order to ensure that the cables will be able to properly redistribute the weight of the tree. The bracing rods will also help to support branches that may be too weak to stay on their own. If you are unsure if trees on your Irving, Tx property requires cabling and bracing contact your local tree services company to evaluate them.

When Trees Need Bracing and Cabling

Most trees will not show a need for cabling and bracing until they have matured and fully developed their structure. In some trees, because their canopy is spread so wide, it can cause their weight to stretch beyond their center of gravity. This can cause a great deal of stress to the tree, especially if the extended branches and limbs are big. Sometimes the limbs may begin to sag and can prove problematic if close to a home, driveway, or sidewalk, but you do not always want to get them removed. This is another reason why getting tree services to perform cabling and bracing can prove beneficial.


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