Hurst Tx Tree Removal

While the arrival of summer means barbecues, trips to the pool or beach, and endless trips to the mall, it also means something else: storm season. Hurst, Tx is just as prone to this sort of bad summer weather as the rest of the nation and being unprepared can spell disaster. So, while you cannot control Mother Nature, here are some tips to help make sure your trees can survive the storm.

Get Your Trees Pruned

Inspect your trees to see if there are any limbs or branches that look weak; be it because they just grew that way, they are sick, or dead. Whether you find any or not, you should call a tree services company to come and prune it. This will ensure that any potential dangerous branches are not on the tree with the Hurst, Tx storms hit. Otherwise, branches could snap off and become a projectile object if winds are strong enough.

Protect the Tree’s Root System

Another great way to prepare for summer storms is to make sure that the root systems of your trees are well protected. Not only will it make your mowing job a lot easier, but it will also help to ensure that there is good drainage into the soil, so the trees do not get overwatered due to rain. Plus, it generally makes for a healthier, strong tree that will be more resistant to storms.

Protect the Tree From Lightening

What comes with the rain and wind of Hurst, Tx storms? Lightening. While not that common, it is  possible that lightning can hit a tree and cause some serious damage. A tree services company might be able to recommend and even help you to install a system that will draw lightning away from the tree, eliminating that potential damage.

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