Grapevine Tx Tree Removal

When it comes to having trees on your Grapevine, Tx property, there is a chance that you are looking into trees that will provide you with a good amount of shade. These can help keep your air conditioning costs low during the summer, and also make being in your back yard much more bearable. Here are 5 great shade trees to consider.

The Cedar Elm

The Cedar Elm is a great tree for a number of reasons: it is a Texas native species, is extremely drought tolerant  once it is established, and it is beautiful. Cedar Elms can grow to be very large, up to 90 feet tall, so it is important to be sure it will fit in your Grapevine, Tx Property. You should also keep well-pruned by a tree services company so it remains strong and healthy.

The Shumard Red Oak

Oak trees tend to be beautiful, and the Shumard Red Oak is no difference. The open canopy is full of thick branches that help provide a lot of shade. But, be sure that you have plenty of room because this tree can be much bigger than the Elm at 120 feet. Also, be aware that there will be acorns in the summer. Tree services can help keep your tree pruned nd ensure that no weak branches are in the canopy.

The Chinese Pistache

This is an easy to maintain tree that is extremely heat tolerant and beautiful throughout the seasons. This tree is much smaller in comparison to the two previously mentioned, as the Chinese Pistache will not grow beyond 40 to 50 feet in height. It is a great option to plant closer to a small Grapevine, Tx home. Just be sure to get tree services to remove any weak looking branches so they do not damage your roof.


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