Flower Mound Tx Tree Removal

With winter’s end fast-approaching, many people in Flower Mound, Tx are preparing for spring in any way they can. Most of the focus is revolving around the clothing and things around the home. But, you cannot forget about your trees and landscaping either. Here are three ways to prepare your trees for the spring weather to come.

Have Your Trees Pruned

One of the biggest things that you can do in preparing your trees for spring is calling a tree services company to come and prune your trees for you. Doing this will help encourage tree health and growth but also keep the tree looking well groomed. It is also a great opportunity to remove any dead or damaged tree limbs and branches so they do not pose a problem later on.

Do Some Deep Root Fertilization

Another thing that you can do is give the roots of the trees some deep fertilization. A Certified Arborist from your tree services company in Flower Mound, Tx can explain how this works and what to use. Essentially, though, deep root fertilization puts special types of fertilizers directly into the root system to help encourage stabilization, growth and generally improve the health of the tree. The healthier it is, the better the tree will be able to withstand and threats to its health.

 Cover them With Mulch

Applying mulch is a third way to help prepare your trees for the spring weather. Not only will it help make them look more attractive on your Flower Mound, Tx property, but they will also protect the roots from getting too much sunlight and losing too much water. If you go with an organic mulch it is also a great way to further improve the health of your soil, as it will provide it with extra nutrients. When you get your trees pruned you can ask them what sort of organic or inorganic mulch options they recommend.

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