Duncanville Tx Tree Removal

Pruning is the process of removing certain branches or stems from a tree that may be weak or unhealthy. This is a good way to keep trees on your Duncanville Tx property looking good and in top health form. While some tree pruning is easy for a homeowner to do themselves with the right tools and knowledge, it is easier to leave it to the tree services. They have all the tools on hand already and know exactly how to prune trees. But, pruning is not something you can do any time of year; here is a brief breakdown of when it is best to have your trees pruned.

Light Pruning Jobs or Removing Dead Branches

When it is a very light job and you just want a few small branches removed, or dead tree limbs taken care of, then the pruning can happen any time of year. Your tree services can explain to you how to tell the differences between a light job and a more intensive job that will be better to do at a specific point in the year.

Pruning During the Winter

Most people and tree services will do their pruning work during the winter. Of course, for a Duncanville Tx resident “winter” is a term that means something else than it would in other parts of the country. By pruning when it is colder out, it will help trees to experience a burst of new growth once spring comes. So, if you are hoping to breath new life into your yard and trees, then get your pruning done during the colder season.

Corrective or Slowing Pruning in the Summer

Maybe you are not concerned about creating new growth for your trees. Instead, you might be looking to slow or stop the growth of trees that are getting too big and requiring a lot of nutrients from the soil. Or, maybe there are branches that are weak and low-hanging that you want to have taken care of. Either way, if you fall into one of these categories, then a summer pruning from your tree services will be best.

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