Colleyville, TX Tree Removal

Do you have big trees extremely close to your Colleyville Tx home? While they may provide great shade during the summer, trees that are too big and close to your home can actually pose a danger. Here are just a few of the problems that may come with trees growing too close to your home. When this happens, it is important to call a company with tree services to take care of the problem for you before it can get any worse.

Big Tree Roots Can Ruin Your Foundation

Big trees tend to come with big root systems. When these root systems grow too close to your home, there is an added danger of them getting underneath your foundation. This can cause your foundation to bow or crack, which is a serious and costly problem. It may not be noticeable at first, but as roots continue to grow you will begin to realize your house is getting damaged through cracks in the walls and floors and slanted doorways.

If it looks like a tree’s roots could get under your foundation, call for tree services. The sooner you stop the problem, the better and less expensive fixing your Colleyville Tx property will be.

Dead or Rotted Trees Pose a Falling Hazard

If there is a dead or rotted tree close to your home it poses and everyday danger. While severe weather is not that common in Colleyville Tx, it does happen. If winds are strong enough a dead or rotted tree can snap at the trunk and there is never any telling what way it will fall. Meaning, there is a chance it could fall onto your home and damage the roof, if not destroy it completely. Rotted and dead trees should be removed no matter how close they are to your home, for a safer and more attractive property.


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