Carrollton TX Tree Removal

When you get trees removed for your property, it solves one problem but brings on another: removing the tree stump itself. Fortunately, tree services in Carrollton Tx offer customers to extremely effective options for removing your tree stumps. But, how are you supposed to know which option you should go with? Here is a brief breakdown of the difference between a stump removal and stump grinding.

Tree Stump Grinding

If you choose to go with a stump grinding, the tree services company will get the tree just below ground level first. They will then take a machine known as a grinder which has a rotating blade and press it into the remaining stump. These blades will chip away at the stump, creating mulch or ground cover that you can use in other areas of your Carrollton Tx property. They will continue grinding the tree until it is just a few inches below the surface of the ground dirt. From there, whatever remains of the stump will be covered with dirt and left to decay over time.

Tree Stump Removal

Your other option is to have the stump and root ball removed entirely. While it may sound like an easy task, even professional tree services may struggle a little, especially if the stump is a big one. Before they can work on removing the stump, the company will have to determine just how far-reaching the root system is so they can get all of it. Once they have determined they can work on the actual removal.

 The Differences Between the Two

When you ask the Carrollton Tx based company to grind the tree down, it is a much easier and less time-consuming task. While the roots may still be in the ground, they will decay over time and no longer be a concern.With stump removal, it will take more time and be a little more difficult for the company completing the task.

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